“Our Conversations About Love” playing in Miami Aug 24-27th

If you happen to be in Miami between Aug 24-27th be sure to head over to AMC cinemas at 19501 Biscayne Blvd to check out my film, “Our Conversations About Love” on the big screen!


New episode of The Dark Room plus a brand new website!

This week on The Dark Room, we spoke with internet sensation sex therapist and host of the show “Vagina Power” Alexyss K Tylor! Listen via the link below!


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We also are proud to announce that we have a brand new website over at THE DARK ROOM

Check it out and explore our audio discussions, our video interviews as well as photo essays by Paul Salvatori!

New “Vodcast” on The Dark Room

An older cast, but now with a visual companion check out our fifth “vodcast” in the series.


For some, pain is not only pleasure, it’s sexually gratifying. Though still somewhat taboo, this aspect of human sexuality has become relatively familiar and, perhaps, less shocking in popular culture, especially with rise of blockbuster erotica such as Fifty Shades of Grey.

But what is it like to actually administer pain to those turned on by it? And why are they willing to pay dear for something most of us wish to avoid? Attempting to answer these questions, Paul and Jordan speak with seasoned dominatrix, Mizz Barbie Bitch, about inflicting both physical and mental anguish on her clients and how her professional work complements her naturally sadistic side. In Barbie’s world, cruelty is bliss. The episode is the first full hour, in-depth conversation with Barbie available to the public.

Learn more about Barbie @ http://www.mizzbarbiebitch.com/

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